“When The Dust Settles”…

…is a film I made in collaboration with the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, and IKV Pax Christi. An old friend; Dave Cullen, approached me over a year ago now, to ask if I wanted to help make a short animated film that clearly explained the dangers of depleted uranium and the potential health consequences for the people who have to live, and work with weapons that utilise this material. After doing some research into the subject, I immediately jumped at the chance to help out.

It was quite the undertaking. Over six months of working on it in my spare time, but I’m pleased that it came out the way it did in the end. Dave did a great job co-ordinating what his people wanted to get out of the film and my fears of producing a monster that would never be completed were thankfully never realised. It was hugely satisfying to be able to count on friends to help me out when I needed it.

Massive thants to Mark Good, Henry St Leger and Pete King for all their help on this!




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