A list of things….

I thought I’d make a list. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked at Aardman Animations in Bristol for the past couple of years. Being such a huge and busy place, I got to work on loads of different things I never would have had the chance to work on normally. The commercials department is where I’ve been spending most of my time, and since I’ve completely neglected my blog whilst I’ve been there, I’ve decided to just post links to all the things I’ve worked on. Just for posterity. I tend to forget things, you see… I’ll also update this page as and when I find more links to things.

So in absolutely no order whatsoever…

Dir: Steve Harding-Hill
Client: COI

Dir: Merlin Crossingham
Client: AB Foots

Dir: Danny Capozzi
Client: National Accident Helpline

Dir: Sumo Science
Client: Nokia

Dir: Steve Harding-Hill
Client: Swedbank

Dir: Rich Webber

Dir: Sumo Science
Client: Hot Pockets

Dir: Tim Ruffle
Client: Taiwan Tourist Bureau

Dir: Danny Capozzi
Client: Eircom

Dir: Chopsy
Client: National Consumer Agency

Dir: Bobby Proctor
Client: Digital UK

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