Spencer Cross is an animator/compositor/motion designer/illustrator sort of a chap dwelling in the green and predominantly wet pastures of the lovely city of Bristol found within the United Kingdom.

He’s been living and working there since graduating in 2005. After that momentous day, it occured he didn’t know very much, so he thought it would be a good idea to learn as much as he could about making stuff that looks cool. He still thinks it’s a good idea. He hopes others will find it looks cool too.

Spencer has helped to create commercials, animated series and websites and has written and directed short films, music videos and illustrations. He has had the pleasure of working with numerous wonderful people including: Aardman, Arthur Cox, VoonWong&BensonSaw, Wonky films

He realises that you can’t do everything yourself, usually because there’s not enough time, but he’s going to try his hardest to learn as much as he can, just in case… He’s worked on dozens of projects each one being more interesting and challenging than the last. He hopes it will continue.

Please feel free to contact Spencer at: spencer@world-of-look.com.